First Day of School~

I’m a Junior already, OMG feels so old. =l

It was a great day! I looove all my classes but not really the people. =l EEEEEEEEh.

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June and July

I LOVE THESE two months [not as much as Dec]. Anyways, I was be able to do a lot of things, fun things with Thomas<3 n lots of shopping! I got a lot of clothes…mostly summer shirts and all but I can still wear some during the winter :D! I just bought a new sweater!!! soo warm and cute; it was on sale 19.99!!! hehe. Jeans legging at F21<3; needs some jeans & I need more sweater!

I finally ordered stuff online -_- HAHAH! I ordered 5 pairs of shoes at Target cause they have good deals! They were on sale, not bad looking. Also, I bought them with free shipping and 20% discounts soo why not?! :D I hate shipping soooo FREaKen BAD; like taxes already kill girls enough…I need to go shopping for back to school! IDK what I need but I’ll see(= hhaha. 

Besides all the spending money, I went to HAWAII!!<3 The best vacation ever!<3 and work …tiring but I love it! People love me and I get money!YEAAAH.


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Raging Water

so I went to work late 15 min today -_- Brother in law’s fault. sigh

I started at 2! it was pretty HOT. I saw a lot of c/o 2012 at RW today :D HAH! THEY SAW ME TOO, (Kenny & Cassie). HMMMMM IN SERVICE at the end of the day x_x park closed at 7 too so it was HORRIbLE. I was tired and hungry. In service was funny; we listened to stories…LOL clocked out at 8..waited with Joe for our rides…I had my ride (baby); he waited hr & 45 mins for me!): I feel so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! SIGH

HE HAD TO WASTES GAS FOR me. I can’t get over it even though he said it was ok. 

ILOVEYOU, Thomas(: 

I just shopped online for the 1st time! bought 5 pairs of shoes for 44 dollars but stupid tax…48 something in the end! That’s already -shipping and my 20% off. SIGH! but still cheap! (:

F21 buy  40D or more free shipping but then I JUST SPEND MONEY! soo IDK!. ):

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Got back from Hawaii on Monday night, I miss Hawaii):

It’s the best place ever!!! I had so many different and yummy and juicy fruits there!!! I had dragon fruits, mountain apple, and some others that I don’t know the name of. They were sooo good! I had coconut juice and the coconut; I dislike coconut very much but I actually like them fresh!!!!!! :D they’re not that sweet. Hawaii pinapples were good too! sigh. I want some now. The hotel I lived in was near the beach soooo it was so nice looking out there. I got to go to the beeach 4 times? It was sooo fun. I got tanned a bit from it. ;d 

I saw a lot of Jap and Kor people!! hahaha. We went to this tour where they took us to Polynesian village. NICE! I like Samoa and Tahiti. Fiji is cruel hahaha.Anyways, I have a lot to blog about it but I’m lazy maybe ill cont. later(= 


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I’m going to miss you hun, I hope you have fun during my trip and you better take care of yourself and that nose! -_-

<333333333333 ILOVEYOU A LOT. I’ll buy or get you something hah<3

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HAWAII tomorrow! I’m excited!!!!! excited for the beach and the view(: 

I watched Dispicable me today with my hunny(= It is the BEST movie OMG Agnes, the little girl was sooo cute(= I loove it! :D

I finally bought the bottom of my swim suit!xD and i bought a short for 5d at Old Navy, HAAH it was cheap! I wanted this shirt from H&M and this shorts from f21! I’m going to shop at H&M more often now because their stuff are very descent. :D F21 have cheap shorts<3 Anyways, back to packing, ILOVEYOU ThomasN. 

xoxo, see you again on tues ;D!

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Summer (100)

HAHHA  IDK, I like to pick a random number for my random title. :D

So I know I haven’t blog in like decades because 1. I’m lazy, 2. I’m busy with my life ;D, 3. Have nothing to share(; 

Today, I had a Car Wash for IHS spirit cheer squat:D I came around 9:45… and helped start things. Hunny came a little later (= He was our first customer!!! HEHE I guess he’s our lucky charm because we got a lot after he left and no one GAVE US CHANGE :D<333 Some guy game us 30 o.o :D We made a great profit today—-366d ? i think. STILL GOOD! Better than last year. hmmm car wash was fuun!I never have wash so many cars in my life! LIKE THomas’s car was the 1st; I never wash/know how to wash car before…LOL I guess I know now. MMMMMMM Thomas came and picked me up around 2 something; he dropped off Kim n Phuong(: He was nice enough. Then hea back to his house and we had some mangoes before we left to his uncle’s. They have a party today; I met like a few of his other relatives :D I was super shy ahah! This girl named Amber was so cute she was like holding my hands and pulling me away from Thomas and she pulled me everywhere ! I had to go home early though because I have to! Plus I feel a little weird…:D Amber was so cute she locked the door and blocked it so we can’t get out! :D 

NICE DAY:D I have work tomorrow…so lazy haha! :D Hope tomorrow is going to be great too! JoeJoe prob going to make fun of me again. LOL


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No work for a few days

make my summer go down………… BUT glad to be with my hunnybun almost every morning :D HAHA<3

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"when you truly love someone, let them go. If they come back, you know it’s real"
It’s real Thomas(:
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